Learn how easy and fast to create local and cultural walks, thematic tours with CityConquest application.

Ask for a demo to see how simple and great it is!

Promoting the preservation of cultural heritage and making it as widely available as possible is an important mission of the Qulto team.

With this application supporting cultural tourism, we also aim to give our customers a tool to easily and quickly plan and publish thematic tours or virtual walks presenting local values and cultural treasures.

They already have the mobile app for cultural tours.
Click on the icon on the map and make a try
fake button icon
*Clicking on the icons will launch the game belonging to that city - play it on your mobile for a better experience!
Culture, activity, learning in one application!
With the application, you can create any number of thematic tours without limits: city walks, thematic tours related to a specific event or celebrity, competition for students ... - only creativity sets the limit.
by playing
Add colorful contents to the presentation of the spectacular places, make your audience more active with quiz questions and invite the whole family to play.
Individual game or competition
In addition to the individual game mode, you can also compete so that an entire class or company can enter the game. Let's see who collects more information :)
While walking or at home from the couch
Taking the benefits of a mobile device, the application sends information according to the user's physical location or guides the visitor to the next point, while on a desktop computer, the app presents the points of interest in a virtual walk displayed in a browser.
Guide visitors along a pre-planned route, or just leave it to them in which order they visit the stops.
Let the competition motivate visitors to acquire knowledge.
Edit your own thematic tour in an easy-to-use administration interface.
Customize the design of the app to your liking, use colors and your own logo as well.
Choose from our subscription packages:
Application as a cloud service
Max. storage: 5GB
Up to 2 public tours
1 admin
29 EUR / month
Implementation cost
145 EUR + TVA
Application as a cloud service
Max. storage: 30GB
Up to 10 public tours
1 admin
49 EUR / month
Implementation cost
145 EUR + TVA
Application as a cloud service
Max. storage: 100GB
Unlimited number of tours
2 admin
69 EUR / month
Implementation cost
145 EUR + TVA
Application as a cloud service for regional use
Max. storage: 300GB
Unlimited number of tours
10 admin
Question Bank* integration (from 2022)
Customized home page
99 EUR / month
Implementation cost: unique
*Question Bank: Central Qulto service that automatically generates various questions for a given topic or person. Contact us for details.
When to pay?
At the start of the service, we issue the invoice for a period of 1 year, which is then automatically extended.
What is a public tour?
An unlimited number of thematic route and / or playful tours can be created in the application interface. A tour must also be published to be accessible to visitors and tourists.
How many attractions can I manage in a tour?
Any number. In the editing interface you need to first create the attraction and then compile a tour from them. Any number of attractions can be added to the system in total or to a given tour.
What is a cloud service?
The application runs on a Hungarian server operated by Monguz Kft. The administration and displaying interface is available from a browser, it does not need to be downloaded and installed. The institutional user gets the right to use the application, but the content belongs to the institution itself.
Can I try it out?
Our colleagues are happy to demonstrate the operation of the application from both the visitor and editorial side. Contact us to make an appointment for an (online) presentation. In the meantime, play one of the apps available on the map above!
Can a special offer be requested?
Please contact us for a unique offer.