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Are you looking for a comprehensive portal solution?

Our online user interface serves all the public and restricted functions and makes it possible to efficiently communicate with patrons/visitors. Our portal system built on an open source Liferay framework makes the interactive publication of articles, news and events possible for public collection institutions.

With its fully customizable interface our portal solution can accurately reflect the image of the institution. 

It has all the portal functions necessary for public collection and education institutions:

  • Interface supporting responsiveness (the portal is available at any browser tool from smartphones to desktop surfaces);
  • Content development with wysiwyg editor, supporting multi-stage publication processes;
  • Template-based content development, which provides uniform appearance;
  • Newsletter service;
  • Comprehensive news and event management;
  • Hierarchical multimedia gallery upload facility;
  • Social media integration.

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Virtual exhibition

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Would you like to introduce your exhibition materials in a digital format?

With the help of our software, and with the use of your local and aggregated digital assets, we can easily create your virtual exhibition. Our modul makes it possible to virtualize digital objects, pictures, videos, books, texts, infographics and games in 3 dimensions.Our platform-independent, custom web applications, which are optimized for touch screen terminals, are based on the contents managed in Qulto GLAM modules. Our real-time location solutions, developed for mobile phones, send contents to the visitor’s smart phone based upon GPS/cell (or QR, wifi, RFID) information. The content can be textual, visual, audio or video material. The result of any activity or game can be shared at social media surfaces. Further opportunities inherent in our system: RFID / NFC / Beacon-based location-based recommendations, audio guide, exhibition statistics, Augmented Reality (eg. authentic presentation of buildings, castles).

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Attraction and games

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Would you like to present your collection in a playful way?

With our components, we build attractions and games by reusing local and aggregated digital assets. Our software supports a wide range of devices like touchscreens, 3D technologies and motion detectors.Our attractions and games can be operated both online and offline; therefore, they can also be displayed at an external site. Our 2 dimensional game solutions are simpler logic quiz tasks, while with our 3D games, even a battle atmosphere can be conjured up. Our real-time location solutions developed for mobile phones send contents to the visitor’s smart phone based on GPS/cell (or QR, wifi, RFID) information. The content can be textual, visual, audio or video material. The result of any activity or game can be shared at social media surfaces. Further opportunities inherent in our system: RFID / NFC / Beacon-based location-based recommendations, audio guide, exhibition statistics, Augmented Reality (eg. authentic presentation of buildings, castles).

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Mobile applications

Screenshot_20200420-110732_Balatoni Mzeum Szelfi
Screenshot_20200420-110938_Balatoni Mzeum Szelfi
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Place your collection or portal into your visitors’ hands, take advantage of possibilities given by smart phones in the form of mobile web applications, native applications and games.

Mobile responsive web interfaces, or your own native applications provide you with extra benefits of your internet presence and in communication with and involvement of your audience. After all, any content can be shared with the visitors’ cell phone (based on GPS, QR code, RFID technology etc.); therefore visitors, using their own tool can read more information on the topic, can watch videos, browse among other contents, or they can even try the mobile applications of the institution, the result of which can be shared on social networking websites, thereby increasing the number of visitors.
Further potentials inherent in our system: RFID/NFC/beacon based audioguide, exhibition statistics, location-based solutions, augmented reality (eg. contemporary presentation of buildings and castles.

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E-learning Management System

E-learning Management SystemOur E-learning product (Qulto® Learning Management System) is a Moodle-based module that makes the management and delivery of online courses easily available to educational institutions, public collections and enterprises. 

The system is available as a stand-alone electronic education system (Qulto® Learning Management System) and also as a complementary module of the Qulto® system (Qulto® Content Management module). We offer consultancy in choosing and introducing the proper e-learning components. We help our clients to plan and develop virtual learning environment and personal learning environment in addition to our system. We help with implementation of the system through our education programmes and personal consultations.

Main parts of Qulto® LMS:

Electronic Learning Management System
Our Moodle-based electronic learning management system, as an independent framework, offers full functionalilty and integration for managing education processes and can be implemented within the existing IT infrastructure. We offer the system to educational institutions, enterprises and corporations dealing with adult education. We develop the system on the basis of your needs – from the image design, to the modelling of internal processes. If our partner operates a quality management system we develop the educational framework on the bases of its needs.

Content Management Module
Our content management module (Qulto® CM) has been developed to perform the content management functions of corporate and public collections and repositories. This module can be used as a stand-alone product, but we recommend it primarily as an addition to already existing repository services (eg. Qulto® repository). With the help of this module, we can serve the formal and non-formal educational forms with content elements. We can place the individual components, or the individually assembled larger content sets, at portal sites or in e-learning systems. It is possible to publish full documents or segments of documents. The text and the media elements can be fitted together, in any order, from any source; thus, we can create new content.
This module is perfectly suitable for revitalizing old documents and for recycling their metadata.

Supporting education organization tasks
We offer customizable electronic learning management system (with the possibility of the development of Personal Learning Environments / Virtual Learning Environments) for educational institutions and enterprises. We offer our partners a tool which can make their educational administration and educational organization work more easily, and with which they can comply with their legal obligations.

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Real Time Location

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Would you like to offer online payment option for your services?

For supporting book loans, document downloads or online museum services that are subject to fees, we developed a module which allows online payment by the visitors/ readers.In our system we can set every function of a webshop; it is possible for the customer to add the chosen documents to a basket, restart previous orders, or ask for an electronic invoice. On the basis of the customer’s account data, the system can calculate available discounts, too. Customers can pay for the documents online if your institution has previously concluded the contract with a certain bank.

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