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The Szekler Museum of Ciuc in Romania
Employess of the Szekler Museum of Ciuc in Romania are preparing the institution for opening in July. They have many good ideas how to keep everyone safe and interest them in museum exhibition. Read their answers.
The last speaker of the #COVID19cannotstopculter discussion panel
Simon András, The representative of Doctoral School of Literary Studies, faculty of arts, former librarian, Specialist of cultural heritage database preservation in Monguz Ltd.
Third speaker of discussion panel #COVID19cannotstopculture
Aldona Mondrzewska, Head, of the Collection Department in POLIN - Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Member of the Board of the Polish Registrars Group, former President.
Satu Mare Museum in Romania
Satu Mare Museum in Romania opened in the middle of May. Institution prepared a list of new regulation, which should be obeyed by all visitors. If you can't visit institution physically, museum prepared special online events and activities for those who stay home.
Second speaker of discussion panel #COVID19cannotstopculture
Szocs Péter Levente, Deputy director and researcher in County Museum Satu Mare, visiting lecturer at the Babes-Bolyai University.