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Explore CMBN – your personal guide to the museum
Museums around the world are taking steps further towards enriching the experience of visiting the exhibits, through meaningful information and elements of interactions. This was also the wish of the Bistrita Museum Complex, in Romania, that turned to our company for designing a way to take the visit to their museum to the next level.
Occupy Library Conference 2020
After the Occupy Library Conference, I became even more convinced on how much the world needs libraries and people who create these amazing spaces. Libraries are the essence of local communities, help those in need and educate the society. Listening to them talk passionately about their latest projects and initiatives, which change their local worlds, is optimistic and gives hopes for a better future.
We participated in "Museums and Social Responsibility – Values revisited" online conference!
The digital event took place from 17-18 September 2020 and was co-organized by NEMO and the German Museums Association within the framework of Germany’s presidency of the Council of the European Union.
Networkshop 2020, Hungary
The 29th Networkshop took place between September the 2nd and the 4th 2020. This is one of the most significant conference for Hungarian memory institutions, higher education and IT-experts.
Workshops at Occupy Library Conference 2020
During the 4 days conference, our experts will run some interesting workshops about modern Qulto tech solutions for libraries, education and tourism sectors, as well as tell more about the developing cooperation based on new, connected solutions with our company.