Last minute Virtual and Physical holiday trip ideas – Part II

2020. September 02.

On our second day of online touring, we are heading to Romania to Alba Iulia, Sibiu and Bucharest, where many attractions await. We begin our adventure at The Alba Carolina Citadel. This place is big, so it would be better if you may wear some comfortable shoes!


This Citadel is a star-shaped fortress located in Alba Iulia. The shape of the citadel, an iconic element of Vauban architecture, had a great influence on the design of Alba Iulia. The historical Alba Carolina Citadel is one of the top tourist attractions in the entire country. 

Taking pride in its ”smart city” label, the Alba Iulia municipality is committed to identifying and implementing solutions that can strengthen the city’s brand and tourism industry. Such a solution is the touristic portal, implemented with European funds, where visitors can find detailed information on heritage as well as on practical aspects of the visit. 

People who choose to experience the citadel on foot can select from among 3 themed paths to explore its gates, bastions or fortifications. For those who are unable to travel, Alba Iulia has made sure that its famous citadel can be visited in the form of a virtual tour.

The city has generated a copy of the citadel in virtual space, run on its own dedicated platform and anyone can access it, the only requirement is a pair of 3D virtual reality glasses. During the virtual tours visitors can have a 360-degree view of many of the citadel’s sights.

Romanian Art Gallery in Sibiu is our second stop. 


With a rich and well-preserved architectural legacy of 12th-century Saxon settlers, the city of Sibiu is also one of Romania’s top tourist attractions. In the very heart of the old city you will find the impressive Brukenthal Palace. This is where, at the end of the 18th century, Samuel Bruckenthal, the owner of the palace, has established some museum collections and founded the first institution of this kind in Romania. In time, the Brukenthal Museum was extended, both in collections and buildings, and it is nowadays a complex of 6 museums, situated in different locations.

If you plan to visit this wonderful city, the museum website offers detailed info on all the collections to admire within Brukenthal Museum.

You can also get a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage managed by the museum by visiting its page and the virtual tours they created in Google Arts & Culture. Embark on a virtual trip here.

Grigore Antipa Museum is a true gem in Romania.


The museum has interactive exhibitions and educational games that make it possible for visitors to discover the world throughout history as an active participant. Their permanent exhibit hosts a selection of dioramas and aquariums representing various ecosystems. Also, there are some archaeological findings as well. One of their most impressive attractions is a dinosaur skeleton. This museum is an ideal place to explore with children because there are all sorts of hands-on, interactive displays, as well as 3D films, artificial caves and a thorough guide to the huge amount of animal and plant life native to Romania which will keep all generations interested.

However, due to the national regulations, the use of interactive devices is limited during the pandemics, but the museum is still a place you can’t miss if you get to visit Bucharest. 

Luckily, exploring these exhibits can be just as interesting in virtual form.

That’s it for today, and tomorrow we invite you to visit some fascinating places in Poland.