Last minute Virtual and Physical holiday trip ideas – Part III

2020. September 08.

On the third day we are taking you to Poland! Poland also has some must-see treasures. Maritime Museum in Gdańsk is first on our list. Grab your sailor’s hat and let’s start the adventure.


The National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk was established in 1962 and the collection was housed in one building. Over the year, the museum has started to branch out and right now consists of 8 branches in different places and even cities. In the Maritime Culture Center visitors can explore some interactive exhibitions. One of them is called  “Ships. Our passion” and present the knowledge about maritime history of Poland. During the visit, the museum offers a virtual shipyard tour as well as a walk inside a ship, and a unique experience made possible by Oculus glasses. The Center can also be visited virtually.

One of their must-see exhibitions is “Boats of Peoples of the World”. This exhibition is a trip of fascinating places related to the water culture on the Planet Earth.

In 2015 the museum launched the project called the “Virtual Open-Air Museum of Wrecks in the Gulf of Gdańsk”. One of the many achievements of this project is the presentation of 3D wreck models on the website. Using these, visitors can get a better understanding of the wrecks by viewing them in detail and reading their descriptions. The 3D models are also an effective tool when it comes to monitoring and protecting the underwater cultural heritage.

Our next step is The Polish Aviation Museum in Kraków.


On the side of the old Rakowice-Czyżyny airport, visitors can find the Polish Aviation Museum, which is the 8th best aviation museum in the world according to the CNN and is one of the largest aircraft museums on the Planet. Currently, the museum gives home to around 200 aircraft from different countries. Early gliders, helicopters and aircraft engines are all part of their various collections. Now during the COVID-19 outbreak anyone can visit the museum from the safety of their home via virtual tours. The Museum prepared two virtual tours, Wings of the Great War and NATO1949-2009. All virtual walks can be explored here.

For those who would like to visit the institution personally before the summer ends, the Polish Aviation Museum offers also few interesting permanent and temporary exhibitions. One exhibition is devoted to the 100th anniversary of naval aviation in Poland. Additionally, the museum offers an exhibition building with interactive exhibits, a cinema, a library, museum shop and extensive collection of historic aircraft. 
It is important to keep in mind that the constantly changing regulations due to COVID-19 might have an effect on the accessibility of the interactive exhibits. It is advised to check the current situation before visiting. 

The Warsaw Rising Museum is an unmissable stop for history lovers.


This museum is a tribute of Warsaw’s locals who fought and died for the independence of Poland. The events of the Warsaw Rising are presented chronologically – from the stage of the outbreak until the Insurgents left Warsaw. The story of Allied airdrops can be seen in their permanent exhibitions. One of the main attractions is a replica of a Liberator B-24J bomber and the museum tower with a view of the Freedom Park as well as  the city of Warsaw.

Visitors have the opportunity to watch the film called “City of Ruins”. It’s a 5-minute long in a 3D technology video which took 2 years to make.  When creating the material, old pictures and new technology were used to visualize the outlook of ‘liberated’ Warsaw in March 1945.

Even though they have already re-opened their doors after the COVID-19 crisis, they still offer the opportunity to take a virtual walk in their museum for those who can’t visit them right now.

That’s it for today, and we invite you for more attractions on the last sightseeing tour soon this season.