Qulto Local for Local Communities
With our Qulto Local products and services we help the renewal and promotion of the services of those institutions that work on the preservation and stimulation of culture in accordance with the latest trends. We offer solutions for digitization, standardized collection, storage, preservation and reuse of cultural and local history collection contents, and for promoting them in the form of attractions, games, real time and virtual exhibitions. By using our professional relationships, we offer complex solutions for transportation and installation of IT systems, and we can provide efficient help with the preparation and implementation of tenders and strategies.
Ideas for local cultural development
Building an urban Integrated Cultural Information System (ICIS), which:
  • collects, stores, organizes and makes the local history collection, cultural and scientific and public data, related digital contents, events and other relevant data (attendance, statistical information etc.) of institutions in an automated, regularly updated way;
  • ensures about standard and redundant storage and long-term preservation of contents;
  • supports community acqusitions of collections and data enrichment, by this strenghtening local attachments and better knowledge of local values;
  • makes the reuse of data possible eg. in the field of education and cultural tourism;
  • makes the standard transmission of data towards national and international aggregators (eg. Museumap, Europeana) possible by this increasing the popularity of cultural values accross the borders;
  • allows the business sector to create value-added services based on the data and contents available in the ICIS, by this supporting the improvement of enterprises having local attachments;
  • supports the organization of individual and team games and game shows which are based on the contents of the ICIS. These games aim at the better knowledge of the values and past of the town.


Extension of the role of of local community places and public collections institutes with „open workshops” and „do it yourself” services, where the libraries/museums and other community places:
  • provide a place, tools, textbooks, journals and e-learning materials for creative work, which can happen under organized conditions as a group program, or individually with the help of/under the supervision of an expert (eg. sewing machine for community use, kitchen, tools for digitization etc.);
  • in their IT systems they provide place for the uploaded works of artists, or even for family memories, and for portfolio establishment or for organizing virtual exhibitions.
Cultural City Card:
  • a concerted visitor card (library ticket, entrance ticket, season ticket) established with the integration of the local history collections, cultural and leisure institutions. It can function as an identification, but even as a „purse”. The card is realized as a virtual card that can be handled with a mobile tool.
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