Archive Management
With our experiences and solutions gained in the field of archives, we can efficiently help both the work of registrars and the handling of archive collections. Our archive management system is used by several public archives. The Hungarian National Archive and Budapest City Archives have introduced the Swiss scope archive system in the frame of the electronic archive project.  The localization and customization of the system in Hungary was associated with our company.

We offer the following solutions for archives.

Archive management

  • This module allows the description of archive units in accordance with ISAD/G standard.
  • It enables the proper structuring and management of archive hierarchy.
  • Our software offers a solution for flexible year circle data and configurable volume data handling.


  • The software supports the registration of acquisition, reduction and deposit processes in accordance with the national legislation.

Inventory of issuing bodies

  • The program allows adequate inventory keeping, and documentation of monitoring and other processes.

Search and display on interfaces

  • We provide unique solutions for searching among and displaying archive contents and digital documents.

Related services

  • We have gained unique experience in the migration of archive inventories, and in the customization of archive systems.
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