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With contribution of Lilla House sp zoo, Fundacja Normalne Miasto – Fenomen, Technological Educational Institute of Crete Greece, and Qulto, the “Body&Mind” project is being realised as part of the Erasmus+ Program with participating actors from 3 European countries – Poland, Greece and Hungary.

This international initiative and its outputs are directed to adults 50+ and people working in informal sector of adults’ education. The main goal of the project is to enhance activity in physical, intellectual and social aspects of adults’ life specifically through implementation of innovative tools.

The project outputs include a web app promoting physical activity and using gamification techniques; a guideline of methodology outline for people working with adults 50+ and ready to use program of year-long course for professionals; and finally video tutorials displaying thorough process of physical activation of adults.

During the implementation phase, the Technological Education Institute of Crete is responsible for web app functional and visual concept co-creation and development tasks. To this frame, Polish partners provide the professional content – motivational videos, tips for exercises, scenarios for exercise classes.

The professionals of Qulto contribute to the work by performing the following tasks: 

– project promotion in Hungary, specifically in form of encouraging local organizations involved with non-formal senior education to utilize project results

– co-managing the web application

– promotion and dissemination the project results in Hungary

– documents translation into Hungarian, including the Guide, web app and video tutorials

– technical tests and further development of web app

– functional tests of web app on target market groups

The app will be created as an open source technology to provide the chance for further development even after the project’s financing period is finished. The final application will be fully realized by 2019 summer, and will be available in 5 languages (Polish, English, Greek, Spanish and Hungarian).





2017 – 2019


Lilla House sp zoo
Fundacja Normalne Miasto – Fenomen
Technological Educational Institute of Crete Greece