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Qulto Education, which belongs to our Qulto portfolio, is a software component supporting the creation and usage of interactive education packages. This software primarily provides assistance to teachers and lecturers working in the public education sector and public collection institutions, though it is effectively applicable in other fields, as well. The module gives the opportunity of learning in a fun way within the framework of school, library, and museum activities. Consequently, lecturers can use the recently popular electronic devices preferred by their students to raise interest in a given subject through combining online and offline education materials.

We have aimed at creating a digital education tool which, besides mediating interactive knowledge and culture, inspires the youth to visit and discover public collections. It is also designed to connect public collection items and cultural services to further services, especially to public education.

The software is easy to use: teachers and lecturers working with Qulto Education can create tasks within education packages. Such education materials can be built up from public collection data, internal and external sources, texts and media contents. These tasks – quiz, timeline, word search, puzzle, slideshow – which can also be linked enable covering a certain topic or subject – let it be the history of a castle, the ballads of János Arany or some questions related to natural sciences – by involving students in interactive tasks.






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Qulto Education