Qulto Digital

2021. January 07.

Digital is the second level of the Qulto ecosystem, which helps all cultural institutions in the process of digitizing 2D, 3D objects, managing and service files and data in a standard system.

Nowadays, there is a growing demand for access to collections, documents and various knowledge representations in virtual spaces. In addition to online searchability, there is an increasing emphasis on digitized/digital content and the ways of publishing it.

Therefore, it is important to plan the entire digitization process, so that the collection travels from scanning and cataloging in a standard way through processing, data enrichment to online appearance. Qulto Digital supports cultural and educational institutions in this workflow.

  • Our self-developed Repository software component solves safe storage, archiving, version control, optical character recognition (OCR), watermarking, restricting access to digital files (DRM), and it also provides proofreading.
  • Our Digitizing module helps to track and manage the workflow, besides that it provides an opportunity for institutional cooperation and joint work.
  • Our Plagiarism detection system compares and indexes dissertations based on scientific content and then generates a report of cases above the tolerance limit.
  • In e-Publisher service you can download, read online, share, or save electronic publications or certain chapters to My Shelf as needed.

With these components, you can easily track the digitization workflow, digital content, and build a modern system from your data, ready for online service and virtual presentation of cultural heritage.

Details: https://qulto.eu/web/portal/qulto-digital