Qulto Days

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Qulto Days 2021

To improve is to change;
to be perfect is to change often.
(W. Churchill)

Join us live for the professional event on February 3 in Hungarian and / or on February 4 in English, where we will talk about exciting projects and current topics. Participation is free, you can register on the form available at the following link: https://tiny.pl/r1rr3

According to our plans, the event will be organized with the help of the Zoom application, the link required for connection will be sent to the registrants in the days before the event.We look forward to hearing from you!
Join our iconic event straight from your couch!:)

More information and full agenda can be found here

Qulto Manage

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Qulto Manage not only relates to the management of the institution, but also to the collections, documentations, information and various contents. It is the first and basic stage of building and implementing the Qulto Ecosystem with an institution.

Integrated Qulto systems for managing a museum, library or other cultural institution allow you to start your adventure with creating a standardized knowledge base about objects, people, stories or places. We often repeat that the database is the most important and is the starting point for further development of the institution towards automation, digitization and publication of content.

What will your institution gain after implementing a collection management software?
– Standardized database.
– A coherent and transparent catalogue of all objects and entities available to all employees and additionally to external users with proper rights.
– The ability to quick and direct collections publication with additional possibilities to share data with external aggregators or portals.
– Creating complex queries, saving results and developing thematic groups of objects.
– Assistance in conducting the inventories.
– A place to store and manage all documentation: photos, cards, protocols, etc. with the possibility of exporting or printing out.
– Conversion and migration of old databases.
– Assistance in carrying out digitization and conservation.
The systems make it easier to control the flow of information between departments, branches and employees, monitoring of activities performed in the software, generating work reports and statistics. Additionally, some functionalities in the systems are tailored to the needs of the institution, as each is different and unique. It can be concluded that every system is exceptional and tailor-made.

Qulto Manage is the first step to implement the sustainable development of an institution in the context of its transparency, openness and integrity.

More info – contact us via our website, Facebook, LinkedIn or simply call us. We are here for you 🙂

Qulto Digital

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Digital is the second level of the Qulto ecosystem, which helps all cultural institutions in the process of digitizing 2D, 3D objects, managing and service files and data in a standard system.

Nowadays, there is a growing demand for access to collections, documents and various knowledge representations in virtual spaces. In addition to online searchability, there is an increasing emphasis on digitized/digital content and the ways of publishing it.

Therefore, it is important to plan the entire digitization process, so that the collection travels from scanning and cataloging in a standard way through processing, data enrichment to online appearance. Qulto Digital supports cultural and educational institutions in this workflow.

With these components, you can easily track the digitization workflow, digital content, and build a modern system from your data, ready for online service and virtual presentation of cultural heritage.

Details: https://qulto.eu/web/portal/qulto-digital

Qulto Attract

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E-learning Management System

Our E-learning product (Qulto® Learning Management System) is a Moodle-based module that makes the management and delivery of online courses easily available to educational institutions, public collections and enterprises. 

The system is available as a stand-alone electronic education system (Qulto® Learning Management System) and also as a complementary module of the Qulto® system (Qulto® Content Management module). We offer consultancy in choosing and introducing the proper e-learning components. We help our clients to plan and develop virtual learning environment and personal learning environment in addition to our system. We help with implementation of the system through our education programmes and personal consultations.

Main parts of Qulto® LMS:

Electronic Learning Management System
Our Moodle-based electronic learning management system, as an independent framework, offers full functionalilty and integration for managing education processes and can be implemented within the existing IT infrastructure. We offer the system to educational institutions, enterprises and corporations dealing with adult education. We develop the system on the basis of your needs – from the image design, to the modelling of internal processes. If our partner operates a quality management system we develop the educational framework on the bases of its needs.

Content Management Module
Our content management module (Qulto® CM) has been developed to perform the content management functions of corporate and public collections and repositories. This module can be used as a stand-alone product, but we recommend it primarily as an addition to already existing repository services (eg. Qulto® repository). With the help of this module, we can serve the formal and non-formal educational forms with content elements. We can place the individual components, or the individually assembled larger content sets, at portal sites or in e-learning systems. It is possible to publish full documents or segments of documents. The text and the media elements can be fitted together, in any order, from any source; thus, we can create new content.
This module is perfectly suitable for revitalizing old documents and for recycling their metadata.

Supporting education organization tasks
We offer customizable electronic learning management system (with the possibility of the development of Personal Learning Environments / Virtual Learning Environments) for educational institutions and enterprises. We offer our partners a tool which can make their educational administration and educational organization work more easily, and with which they can comply with their legal obligations.

Qulto SimilR Plágiumkereső

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Qulto SimilR is a software that enables users to detect textual similarities between documents. It is fit to identify parts of documents which have been copied from other sources even when the the copied sections have been altered to a certain extent. Qulto SimilR allows multiple users to perform analyses at the same time on personal, shared or web-based corpora. The software also allows users to change the parameters of analysis in view of the documents’ language, genre, formal specificities and theme.