Gül Baba Turbe Reopened

2018. július 31.

On 9th October 2018 Gül Baba Turbe was reopened in Budapest, Hungary with the participation of a Turkish and a Hungarian delegation. The project is an example of unique cultural cooperation between Hungarians and Turks.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán cut the ribbon of the Turbe after almost 3 years of renovation and construction work. 

One of the novelties in the Turbe area was the establishment of Gül Baba Museum. Besides a nice physical exhibition area, a digital exhibition can be seen on a kiosk and displays. The content was prepared by the stakeholders while Qulto provided the technical framework of the whole digital exhibiton. 

At the entrance of the Museum visitors find a touch screen kiosk with a historical map of Budapest in Turkish times. Mosques, bridges, districts and towers are indicated with different colours and icons. Visitors can zoom into the map to see the details of a particular area. In the future the content of the map will be enhanced with deeper explanations related to the places. 

While visitors walk ahead, they can see two displays with rich cultural content. The first one is equipped with a software called Qulto Timeline showing the story of the Turbe from 1541 to 2018. Visitors can slide to different dates for information, pictures and soon videos. The other monitor displays architects and their plans of the Turbe. 

There is a small monitor placed in a showcase where a video is displayed. The video was prepared by Asir Proje by collecting some old pictures and videos showing visits of Turkish delegations to the Turbe. 

We would like to thank both the Turkish and the Hungarian stakeholders of the project, especially TIKA and Asir Proje for the opportunity. 

We have been also delighted to be invited to a Business Forum organized by Turkish and Hungarian partners in contribution with ALX Hungary. The Turkish and Hungarian delegations also attended the business meeting. Qulto is happy to facilitate Turkish-Hungarian partnership with the digital developments for the Turbe and other projects.