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EasyThesis is a thesis management module that supports the entire process of submission, review and assessment of theses, working in conjunction with the Neptun online education system on the one hand and the institutional Discovery system on the other. It offers students a solution for recording thesis data and uploading the files required for submission. In the EasyThesis module, supervisors can carry out proofreading and checks, while opponents can perform the evaluation of works. Successfully defended theses can be automatically transferred to the institutional repository and made searchable in the institutional Discovery interface.

Main features

  • student uploading of theses
  • supporting the process of proofreading and evaluation of theses
  • cooperation with the Neptun education system
  • role-based customizable access rights management
  • OAI link to institutional Discovery

Supports the thesis submission, review and assessment process. It provides the link between the education system, the repository and the institutional Discovery system.


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