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integrated library system

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The Qulto Library system was developed jointly with MTA SZTAKI from 2002-2010, and from 2011 we became its exclusive developer and distributor. We continuously incorporate user feedback, ideas and needs into the latest versions of the software. As a significant professional recognition, Qulto Library was the only Hungarian library system to receive a product award two years in a row, in 2007 and 2008. Qulto Library is primarily designed to meet the complex needs of medium and large libraries, but is also suitable to serve smaller institutional or rural libraries.

With Qulto, public collections or even private collections can manage their printed and electronic collections in an integrated library system. The system allows for accurate tracking and management of due loans (patron loans) and includes a number of additional features.


Main features:

  • Catalog – printed and electronic documents
  • Loans, inter-library loans
  • Acquisition
  • Periodicals
  • RFID compatibility
  • Built-in media management

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Start and end date of development

2001 – ongoing

Applied Qulto component(s)


Applied Qulto product(s)

connected to Discovery OPAC