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Education is a software component supporting the creation and use of interactive educational packages. This software primarily provides assistance to teachers and lecturers working in the public education sector and public collection institutions, though it is effectively applicable in other fields, as well. The module provides a playful learning experience in school, library and museum settings where public collections have the chance to reuse cultural assets and registered data. Consequently, lecturers can reach reach out to their school-age audiences both on new platforms and in novel ways, i.e. they can use the recently popular electronic devices preferred by their students to raise interest in a given subject through combining online and offline education materials.

Users can work with records from external and internal data sources, textual material and media content to create teaching materials for educational packages. The exercises – quizzes, timelines, word searches, puzzles – and information in the educational materials allow students to interactively explore a topic – let it be the history of a castle, a well-known poet’s ballads, or science questions.

In the editor interface, the teacher collects resources – even directly from public collection databases – for the presentation of the curriculum in an educational package, compiles tasks (e.g. word search, timeline, puzzle, quiz, and embedded content), and creates a  series of tasks from the resources. The published exercises are enriched with subject headings and published online, thus becoming browseable and accessible to anyone. Each task encourages students to interact.


Main features:

  • producing educational packages
  • internal, external and in-house resources can be brought together in one place to build different exercises
  • it is integrated with HunTéka/Corvina systems, which makes is possible to take work with so-called internal resources taken from the collection (these resources are important metadata and associated media of a record)
  • user-friendly web interface


  • offers a solution to the digital challenges of formal and informal education
  • provides an exra toolkit for educators
  • supports the process of authentic content creation
  • lenables the reuse of digital content
  • encourages collaboration between educational and public collection stakeholders

Library and museum pedagogy

The Education platform is the perfect solution as a digital tool for library, archive and museum education programmes accompanying exhibitions. It makes it easy to create public exercises and teaching materials linked with subject headings that can be used in the classroom. These exercises can be used by participants on their own devices, and by being published via links they become accessible to remote users (schools), as well.

Cloud service

Qulto Attract components are offered as a cloud service, installed on the servers of Qulto. The service includes server hosting (monitoring, backup), hosting and software usage.

Applications are web-based, running in a standard browser, with responsive design. The administration interfaces is also accessible from the browser.

In case of termination of the contract, the content created by the customer will be made available in a viewable format, without any additional charge. This will not include interaction elements offered by the application and the possibility of navigating between the pages.

Hardware requirements

The applications are run as cloud services, and our company takes care of the storage and serving of data, and of the operation of server-side programs. To answer technical questions and troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise, our company operates a support service. The visitor interfaces are browser-based and, thus can be accessed from a variety of workstations and mobile devices. The use of Education is dependent on the introduction of the Qulto integrated collection management system (Qulto Library, Qulto Museum or Qulto Archive) by the institution.


On-line consultation is included as part of the purchase for all applications. The administrator interfaces are simple, easy to use, and working with them does not require any preliminary training or IT skills other than the ones used for everyday work.



Qulto Investment + City Library of Szarvas

Start and end date of development


version 2.0: 2019 – 2020

Qulto level(s) of ecosystem


Institutional level(s)

Academic institutes

Applied Qulto product(s)

Qulto Library, Qulto Museum, Qulto Archive