a framework to support mass digitisation

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Qulto Digitize is a mass digitisation framework that provides solution for public collections, the general public and individual users as well for collaborative processing, grouping and repository management of text and image content. The main advantage of the framework is that it eliminates the need for both the use of other software and applications, and the cumbersome movement of files to be processed. Besides, it enables multi-user workflows.

Groups of people working with digital objects – let them be university work groups, teachers, e-learning professionals or researcher – need an online platform where they can work on packages of files together in a way that will require them to move those files as infrequently as possible.

Main features

  • Organize your files into packages
  • Structure your packages into folders and sub-folders
  • Search and filter your packages
  • OCR images and PDFs
  • Proofread and edit OCR results
  • Transcribe handwritten documents
  • Create searchable PDFs
  • Generate thumbnail images
  • Put watermarks on your images
  • Resize and crop your images
  • Add metadata to your package
  • Publish your files on record pages that you either make fully public or accessible only to logged in users
  • Invite people to view and / or edit your packages.

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Qulto Investment

Start date of development

March 2020

End date of development

in progress

Applied Qulto component(s)

OCR module, Proofreading module, Image transformation module

Applied Qulto product(s)

Integrated with Qulto Repo (DSpace7)

Level of ecosystem