Academy of Music in Łódź, Charles Poznański Palace

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The primary goal of creating the game is to present the renovated and restored interiors of Charles Poznański Palace, which is owned by the Academy of Music in Łódź. The game was created by using one of today’s leading game engines, which exploits the capacity of the present graphic hardwares, but at the same time it enables running the application on older hardwares thus targeting the widest possible audience. Keeping this in the main focus, the game is available on several desktop platforms, including MacOS X, and has been translated into English, Polish and Norwegian.

3D model scanning technology has been used in the course of the work. Our company cooperated with a Polish firm, ArchiTube,which was responsible for scanning the building and specific rooms, where the main plot of the game takes place. Source images have been provided in excellent quality in order to guarantee improved user experience.

The main mission of the game is to find Grażyna Bacewicz’s missing sheet music hidden somewhere in the palace. Players have the opportunity to move around the place freely, enjoy and admire the beautiful interior of the palace and its rooms, discover and get to know the history of the place and people. During the journey you can find some quizzes and puzzles awaiting to be solved. In each room a treble clef is waiting for you with a question.  After giving a correct answer, you can discover the place further, and get closer and closer to finding the sheet. The game also offers some adventures – you can meet a good ghost, who warns you about a bad ghost prowling in the palace, and with whom you have to quiz fight at the end of the game. After giving five correct answers, you get a key, which opens the place with the hidden sheet music.


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Academy of Music in Łódź

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