Qulto RI on NRDIO site

2023. January 21.

We are visible! 👀 Proud to have the Qulto Research Infrastructure been put up on the map, among the Excellent Research Infrastructures and Infrastructure Clusters in Hungary.

Qulto_RI_hirThe Qulto Research Infrastructure (Qulto RI) is a distributed and virtual, domain-independent research infrastructure that provides essential support for the digitization, storage, organization, retrieval, publication, reuse, and search for relevant sources and plagiarism of higher education and research content in Hungary.

Main pillars of the Qulto RI are
🗸 Digitize
🗸 Discovery
🗸 SimilR
🗸 Repo

Want to have more insight into the collaboration of Qulto and ELTE DH, and the services offered by the connected infrastructures? Visit here!